Waxed canvas bagWaxed canvas bag

Waxed canvas bag

130.50 110.85

Large Tote bag in brown waxed canvas and comes with leather adjustable strap and briefcase handles.

Cottonwood tree necklaceCottonwood tree necklace

Cottonwood tree necklace


This necklace is handcrafted from Sterling Silver all the branches are hammered texture, forged by hand and softly brushed finished to make the organic and rustic look.

Size: adjustable

Large vegan leather toteLarge vegan leather tote

Large vegan leather tote


Large vegan leather tote – color block vegan leather tote bag in grafitti grey and dove grey.

Size: 38cm H x 33cm W

Length of the handles: 58,5 cm

Concrete Ring


This ring was is hand fabricated using sterling silver sheet and concrete. The concrete has been sanded down smooth, and is very soft and silky to the touch.

Steampunk Ring

Steampunk ring


This steampunk statement ring features authentic heart of a Swiss vintage watch work. Some ruby jewel bearings used in the gear wheel.

Concrete CloudConcrete Cloud

The Concrete Cloud Toilet Paper Shelf


This unique concrete toilet paper holder is designed for toilet paper rolls which are deliberately displayed and no longer hidden. With its curved, graphic and refined lines this shelf is a through eyecather in every toilet.